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Why start a blog?

The number one reason I’m starting a blog is to be helpful. I have been in the mortgage business 27 years this January. That’s a long time! I graduated from George Mason University in December of 1986 and took my first mortgage loan application February 1st, 1987. Since then I’ve probably closed over 5000 loans. That’s somewhat of a guess but you get the picture.

With Ray and Mary Ann La Falce in front of their new home!

With Ray and Mary Ann La Falce in front of their new home!

I know this business inside and out. So, how can I be helpful to you? Well, if you’ve ever thought about buying a home and needed a mortgage I can give you a ton of insight. If you have a mortgage now I can give you tips on whether to keep your current loan or refinance. If you are a real estate agent I can give you insight on all the new rules and regulations (and believe me it’s endless right now). And if you just want to gain some mortgage knowledge I can help

While 75%-80% of my blog will be about important mortgage issues, I will also throw in a periodic golf or sports blog or maybe an interesting item about my family or the Charlottesville community.

I’m very excited about the blog. I really believe it will be helpful and entertaining. So, here we go!


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