Remembering my Hero, My Dad

This past Thursday, my Dad, David Mahone, passed away. He was 87. My wife, Penny, and our 3 children, Alex, Drew, and Emma all said good bye to Dad on Christmas Day. We were going on a week long vacation and as we left his room Penny said it might be the last time we would see him. She was right. He was a wonderful man and I loved him so much. I told him on Christmas that I loved him but I didn’t get the opportunity to tell him everything I wanted. So I’ll tell him now because I know he’s reading this along with you.


First, you were my inspiration and role model. From the first day I can remember you always had the utmost confidence in me. You made me feel special and I always felt I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. I felt that way because of the faith you had in me.
You always loved me no matter what and not only did you show it, you also said it.
You never missed one high school tennis, basketball or football game I ever played in. I could always depend on looking up and seeing you there. That meant the world to me.

You loved Penny like a daughter. I’ll never forget my wedding day driving to the church with you and mom. I ask you why you had such a big smile on your face and you said it was because I was marrying a wonderful person. I’ll always remember how special that made me feel.

I also want to thank you for being such a loving grandfather. I remember when I was little and I would run and jump into your lap and sit with you for hours. To see you do the same thing with my kids brought such a huge smile to my face.

I will miss so much being able to talk to you about my golf. No matter how I played,  you wanted to know every detail. Win or lose you were always there, either on the bag caddying or waiting on the 18th green. In the last few years when you couldn’t make it to the course you were always the first person I would call.

Most of all I want to thank you for being such a wonderful loving person. I try every day to live like you. To love Penny the way you loved mom and to love my kids the way you loved all of us.

I miss you dad. But you are with me and I’m so lucky that you are my dad. I love you and I’ll see you again in heaven one day.


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19 responses to “Remembering my Hero, My Dad

  1. A lovely commentary on a man who sounds like a wonderful Dad and person. May his memory be a blessing. Pam and Lee

  2. Brenda Carlisle

    So sorry to hear about your Dad. You have written a wonderful tribute to him and I am sure your children will find you to be just as wonderful a father and grandfather as he was.

    Brenda Carlisle

  3. What a loving message to your father. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Sandra Collins

  4. Bill Pollard

    I too loved your Pop. I am so sorry for yours and Penny’s loss as it has been a tough year for wonderful men to leave your family. Hug your Mom for me as I am out of town this week and unable to attend the service. Your Dad left a wide mark on the community and you and your family. You are blessed to have been raised by such wonderful parents. Billy Pollard

  5. So sorry for your loss, Phil. What a lovely tribute to him here.

  6. Beautiful words for a beautiful man. Both my boys had the privilege of being coached, mentored and loved by your Dad and are better human beings because of his positive influence. Thank you for sharing your words with us. –Margaret Thacker

  7. Jessica Harrell

    What a beautiful, love filled tribute to your dad. I was so sorry to learn of his passing. He was such a wonderful and faithful friend to my father. I assume that Bill met David with open arms and a bag of clubs up there in Heaven and that they have hit the links by now. Please give your mom a hug for me – my deepest condolences to you, Penny and your family.
    Jessica Simpson Harrell
    Atlanta, GA

  8. Rob Camarta

    Philip this is a lovely tribute to your dad. What a terribly tough year for our family. You and Penny and the kids are in my thoughts and I am so sorry that I won’t be able to be there at the service but I will be thinking of you guys.

  9. Phil,

    Chris and I are sorry for your loss. We always loved seeing your dad at church and will miss him greatly. Thanks for taking the time to express and share your feelings. Well written.

  10. Jeff Johnson

    Your Dad was very inspirational to me ,and to many others. I will never forget spending the night at your house in Batesville, with your father giving us kind and worthy advice about sports and life. I would see him out randomly, and he would always give me a Big Hug with that smile of his and tell me that he loved me. He was very SPECIAL !!! God Bless

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