UVA Basketball Helps Remind Me of What’s Important

The top 4 basketball teams in the ACC basketball standings have 13 High School McDonald’s All American’s on their rosters. Duke has 7, UNC has 4, Syracuse has 2, and UVA has zero. Zero? How could a team with zero McDonald’s All American’s be 14-1 in the ACC and have a 1.5 game lead over Syracuse and a 3 game lead over Duke and UNC? The answers; Teamwork and Selflessness.


Whether you are in the Real Estate Business, Mortgage Business, Financial Business, or any other business, you have to have teamwork to be successful. You cannot do it by yourself. UVA reminds me how important teamwork is. Without it, your business and team will fail. With it, you can achieve great things. Take a look at your team. Do you have teamwork? Do you appreciate everything they do? Do you support them? Teamwork is a must.


I’m lucky enough to have season tickets to UVA Basketball and my seats look directly at the UVA bench. Having watched UVA for the last 41 years (started going when I was 9), I don’t recall a team that supports each other like this team. The photo above is not an isolated incident. Whenever a player makes a good play the whole bench erupts. It is such a fun thing to watch. The players have put the team goals ahead of their personal goals. That’s a rare thing these days. UVA does not have 1 player in the top 5 of any ACC individual statistic. Yet they are 14-1. That is the definition of selflessness. UVA reminds me to put the spotlight on others. Selflessness is a rare and treasured quality.


So I want to thank the UVA Basketball Team for helping to remind me of what’s really important. Watching them this year has been a blast. What will they do the rest of the year? It depends on their teamwork and their selflessness. They have their work cut out. Only one team in the past 35 years has won the NCAA Title without any McDonald’s All Americans, Maryland in 2003. Could UVA be the next? Regardless, I’m excited to find out.


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2 responses to “UVA Basketball Helps Remind Me of What’s Important

  1. jennajt

    I am a student at UVa and I enjoy this year’s squad. I have been to almost every single home game and it is always a blast to see everyone all in the game and contribute to the team instead of focusing on just themselves.

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